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Goat Feta Cheese

Crumbly. Salty. Tangy.
A packaged chunk of Goat Feta Cheese with the LaClare Creamery label on it

This pressed curd goat feta cheese is made from whole pasteurized goat milk. It is salty and tart with a crumbly texture. It develops sweet and tangy notes over time.

A plastic 4 oz cup with a lid on it of crumbled Feta Goat Cheese with the LaClare Creamery branding on it

Available in 6 oz. chunk, 4 oz. crumbled cup


Crumble and sprinkle goat feta cheese over salads, pizzas or pasta to add flavor to your favorite dish.

Pair with: Ciders & Fruit Beers, Pilsners,

Weiss Beers, Pinot Noir, Red Zinfandel, Reisling

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