• Goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk. The fat globules in goat milk are smaller than in cow milk.  This smaller size, combined with the lack of agglutinin, a protein that causes fat molecules to clump together, gives the goat milk a creamier texture in the mouth.  The fat (cream) does not easily separate from the remaining ingredients, causing the milk to remain naturally homogenized.  Cow milk is mechanically homogenized to prevent the fat (cream) from separating from the milk.

  • Goat milk has higher levels of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) 35% in goat milk vs 17% in cow milk. These MCT provide energy without being deposited in fatty tissue of the body.  And at the same time, they have the triple effects of: lowering cholesterol, dissolving cholesterol deposits, and preventing cholesterol deposits.  The health benefits of MCT are widely known by the medical community, which uses them as a treatment for a variety of conditions. 

  • Goat milk forms a softer curd than does cow milk.

  • Cow milk contains the protein Alpha S1 Casein which is an allergen. Goat milk has the protein Alpha S2 casein which is not an allergen.

  • Lactose is similar in cow milk and goat milk but the goat milk has less lactose.

  • Goat milk is more nutrient dense than cow milk. It has more potassium in it than a banana does.  The nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are more easily digested and used by the body in goat milk than cow milk.  Because of these minerals bioavailability goat milk may help to treat nutritional deficiencies.

  • Goat milk supplies more Vitamin A. The Vitamin A in goat milk is not in the form of beta-carotene as it is for cow milk.  This different form of Vitamin A is what makes goat milk whiter in color than cow milk.

Improves Your Skin

  • The fatty acids and triglycerides found in goat milk have moisturizing qualities and keep skin soft.

  • With high levels of vitamin A, it can improve your complexion, fight acne and improve overall skin health.

  • The lactic acid found in goat milk helps rid your body of dead skin cells and brighten skin tone.

  • Goat milk has a pH level similar to humans, so it’s absorbed by the skin with less irritation and helps keep bacteria at bay.


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