Artisan Goat Milk Creamery


Milk Type

Quality Dairy Cow & Goat Milk


4 Months +

Cheese Family

New Zealand style Cheddar pressed from whole pasteurized milk cow and goat milk. 


Mild, Fruity cheese with rich cheddary notes.  The cow milk develops sweet buttery characteristics, as the goat milk develops sweet tangy notes, creating Chandoka- a wonderfully flavorful cheese.

Tasting notes:  Mild sweet cheddar notes, with a creamy fruity finish.

Use & Pairing Suggestions

Slice, shred, cube.  Great for cheese boards or in place of any traditional cheddar. 

Beer:   Scottish Ales or Stouts


Wine: Fruity wines or sweet reds

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Recent Awards

2018 World Championship Cheese

Second Place in Class


2014 Dodge County Fair

Best in Class