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Name the LaClare Silo Goats!

The new summer residents of the Goat Silo at LaClare need names! We are leaving it up to you to help us come up with fun and unique names for our goat girls.  

Please submit two names, one for each girl goat. The winner will receive a free Baby Goat Snuggle Session for up to four people and a $25 LaClare Creamery Gift Card*. 


Winning names will be revealed on Thursday, May 2nd on Facebook Live.

One entry per person.

*Must be able to attend a Goat Snuggle Session at LaClare Creamery and gift cards can only be used for in-store purchases. 

Follow our @LaClareCheeseShoppe social pages to state up-to-date on all the local happenings at LaClare Creamery. 

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White goat with brown and black spots standing in a goat barn


This curious cutie is rocking some unique marking that are similar to a Holstein cow. 

Brown goat with black and white markings on the face looking closely at the camera while standing in a goat barn surrounded by white goats.


This brown beauty is excited to make her silo her home this summer and cant wait to meet visitors.

LaClare Creamery 26ft high wooden goat silo featuring a ramp aound the outside for the goats to climb. Black and white goat is in the top ramp looking down at LaClare's outside patio area.
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