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Goat Cheese

Creamy. Sweet. Fresh.
A packaged log of Original Goat Cheese with the LaClare Creamery label on it

Our fresh Goat Cheese (chèvre) clean flavor starts with goat milk that makes a short trip from the farms to the creamery, guaranteeing a clean and fresh taste. This cheese has a milky, delicate, mild flavor complemented by hints of tangy sweetness.

A plastic 4 oz cup with a lid on it of crumbled Original Goat Cheese with the LaClare Creamery branding on it

Available in 4 oz. log, 4 oz crumbled cup, 8 oz. log, 10.5 oz log


Great in sauces, salads, spreading, dipping, baking, stuffing or just eating by the spoonful. Crumble over salads, spread over burgers, use in cheesecake.

Wine: Chianti, Pinot Gris

Beer: Pilsners, Pale Ales, Weiss Beers, Lagers

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