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Five Popular Goat Cheese Appetizers—And One Problem

Our most-loved LaClare goat cheese apps are a must for any occasion.

air fryer goat cheese ball - warm goat cheese appetizers

Choosing the perfect appetizer is an art. When you use fresh, clean-tasting LaClare goat cheese, you’re creating miniature masterpieces.

Whether you’re looking for sumptuous dinner party ideas, tantalizing tailgating recipes, or simply some exciting new snacks, adding LaClare goat cheese makes any app extra craveable. In fact, there is just one “problem” that comes with serving goat cheese hors d’oeuvres—but we’ll get to that later.

First, here are five of our most popular goat cheese appetizer recipes for you, your friends, and family to try. And try again. And maybe just one more… after this one…

1. A Deliciously Warm Goat Cheese Snack

Bacon-Wrapped Fig & Honey Goat Cheese Stuffed Date Snack

While these goat cheese appetizers each boast a uniquely delicious taste, what they all have in common is an irresistible combination of flavor. Our first appetizer features an award-winning combo all its own: LaClare Fig & Honey Goat Cheese.

Combine this sweet, mildly tangy chèvre with lemon, salt, and pepper, then stuff the mixture into a Medjool date, then wrap the date with bacon, cooking until crisp. Trust us, the full flavor is a taste to behold.

Treat your guests to this goat cheese appetizer recipe.

2. A Delightfully Simple Goat Cheese Dip

simple Honey Goat Cheese Dip appetizer

This next goat cheese snack recipe is quick to make and even quicker to devour with your choice of flatbread or crackers.

To do this dip, whisk LaClare Honey Goat Cheese with plain yogurt, bake for 15 minutes, drizzle with honey for an extra dash of sweetness, and sprinkle with roasted pistachios for a salty crunch.

Whip together this goat cheese dip recipe and dig in.

3. The Best Savory Goat Cheese Appetizer

Crispy Air Fryer Goat Cheese Balls appetizer and snack

Fire up your air fryer and spice up your Chipotle Honey goat cheese with this next app. These delightfully crispy bites will be a savory hit at your next get-together.

Start with a large mixing bowl, mix together your honey chèvre with red pepper flakes and spices. Roll up a couple dozen balls, then pop them in your freezer for a half an hour before breading and air frying. Add a touch of honey and parsley, then watch guests have a ball (or five).

This air fryer goat cheese ball recipe is sure to get any party rolling.

4. A Quick and Easy Goat Cheese Snack

Prosciutto and Goat Mozzarella Flatbread Pizza appetizer

For a slightly heartier party favor, serve up slices of this mini prosciutto and goat cheese pizza. This appetizer requires shockingly little effort yet offers a delectably elegant taste.

Start with your preferred flatbread—perhaps naan or lavash bread—then coat with olive oil before topping with shredded LaClare Goat Mozzarella Cheese and prosciutto. Bake ~10 minutes, add balsamic glaze, fresh basil, and flaky sea salt to taste, and enjoy a sweet and savory slice.

This elevated goat cheese flatbread pizza recipe is the perfect starter or an easy alternative to pizza delivery for dinners year-round.

5. The Best Goat Cheese Meatball Appetizer

Goat Pepper Jack Stuffed Pork Meatballs appetizer

The last app on this list is perhaps the most versatile. These lightly spicy meatballs work wonders on their own simply served with toothpicks but can also kick your favorite pasta dish or salad up a notch.

Each ground pork, seasoned meatball has a piquant cube of LaClare Goat Pepper Jack Cheese inside. After a brief cook and cooldown, your guests will just love sinking their teeth into these spicy meatballs.

Try this goat cheese meatball recipe as an app or a mouthwatering meal add-on.

Now, about that problem we mentioned earlier…

As promised, here’s your warning: Your friends and family may risk filling up on these delicious goat cheese snacks and appetizers well before you’ve served the main course. Please urge guests to exercise discipline.

The solution? Create a small plate sampling experience by serving all five apps at once. Then, skip dinner and jump straight to dessert. We’ve got plenty of recommendations for those, too, including decadent Goat Cheese Brownies and Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Wine Caramel.

Not interested in appetizers and more interested in goat cheese comfort food? Try checking out our top 5 childhood recipes featuring goat cheese.

With all these goat cheese recipes, you might be wondering about goat cheese nutrition. If so, continue reading our post about goat cheese vs cow cheese: comparing nutrition and more.


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