-  AWARDS  -


  • 2018 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest- First Place, Best of Class

  • 2018 Good Food Award Winner

  • 2017 American Cheese Society: Third Runner Up - Farmstead Aged 60 days or more, made from Goat Milk

  • 2017 - Wisconsin State Fair:   Best of Class- Natural Goat Milk Cheese

  • 2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest“Sweet Sixteen” finalist in Top Sixteen Cheeses in the United StatesBest of Class - Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese

  • 2014 World Championships Cheese Contest: Best of Class: Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese; “Sweet Sixteen” finalist in Top Sixteen Cheeses in the World - 2014 American Cheese Society Contest; First Runner up in Class – Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese

  • 2013 United States Cheese Championship: Second Runner up in class – Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese

  • 2012 American Cheese Society Contest – Best of Class- Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese


  • 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contests: Best of Show- 1,604 cheeses (Cow, Goat, Sheep, Mixed Milk); “Sweet Sixteen” finalist in top Sixteen Cheeses in the United States; Best of Class – Hard Goat’s Milk Cheeses Evalon with Fenugreek

  • 2011 – United States Cheese Championship: Best of class – Cheeses flavored with herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, syrups – all milks (Evalon with Fenugreek)


  • 2017 United States Cheese Championship: First Runner Up - Feta all other milks



  • 2019 Wisconsin State Fair: 
    Fresh Goat Cheese - Honey, 1st Place, Best of Class in Flavored Goat Milk Cheese

  • 2019 Wisconsin State Fair: Fresh Goat Cheese - Blueberry Vanilla, 2nd Place in Flavored Goat Milk Cheese

  • 2017 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese Contest: First Runner up in Class- Open Class soft & spreadable Cheese

  • 2011 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese Contest :  First Runner Up in Class – Goat Milk Cheese Class



Cave Aged Chandoka

  • 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest: Top 20 - 1st Place Best of Class

  • 2018 Sofi Awards Bronze

  • 2018 Good Food Award Winner

  • 2017 American Cheese Society Contest: Third Runner Up - American Original Recipe/ Open Category Made from Mixed Milk

  • 2017 Wisconsin State Fair: First Runner up in Class - Sheep and Mixed Millk Cheese

  • 2015- American Cheese Society ContestBest of Show- First Runner-up of 1779 Cheeses (Cow, Goat, Sheep and Mixed-Milk); Best in Class – American Originals, original recipe



  • 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest: Second Place in Class

  • 2014 – Dodge County Fair: Best in Class


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