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How Goat Cheese Can Elevate Your Everyday

Make any meal memorable by adding goat cheese to the mix.

elevate the everyday with goat cheese

When searching for ways to bring a bit of gourmet to your day, few things rival the creamy, tangy goodness of goat cheese. And while it may seem a little luxe, it’s actually quite affordable and attainable. The simple swaps you can make within your meal planning are virtually limitless. Whether crumbled atop a salad, melted onto a big, juicy burger, or spread on a bagel, goat cheese has a way of elevating any meal to be extraordinary. If you're wanting to bring a touch of flair and a whole lot of flavor to your everyday, look no further—but do read on. We’ve pulled together easy yet elegant ideas for adding this anything-but-average cheese into your daily routine. Get set to be inspired … and hungry.

Goat Cheese for Breakfast: Skip Snooze-Approved

Scrambling for a reason to slow down and fuel up each morning? Combine eggs and goat cheese into an omelet, scrambled eggs, frittata, or as a topper on your avocado toast (feta, anyone?) for a protein-packed powerhouse that will make you pump the breaks to savor the flavors. Bonus points for convenience as a la carte ingredients are not only fair game, but we encourage you to experiment with whatever sautéed veggies and chèvre you’ve got in the fridge.

goat cheese omelet

More motivated by the sweet versus the savory? How about a hint of healthy with ingredients like a double shot of pumpkin (goat cheese and seeds, that is), dried cranberries, and a splash of maple syrup spread onto a crostini. Love this combo year-round but no pumpkin goat cheese to be found? Feel free to sub in our Honey or Maple Bourbon flavors. PSA: Goat cheese makes a superb swap for cream cheese. It not only ups the protein, but it brings a dreamy creaminess to your breakfast favorites. If you’re still needing the sugar rush before you hit rush hour, goat cheese filled donuts do not disappoint.

Goat Cheese for Lunch: On-the-Go Goodness

Elevating your lunch is easy when you make it goat cheesy. For those seeking convenience without sacrificing taste, consider packable lunch options. Add a slice of your favorite hard Aged Goat Cheddar or Goat Pepper Jack cheese to an otherwise simple sandwich to make it distinctly delicious. Another idea is to create a portable salad jar by layering fresh greens, colorful vegetables, grilled chicken or chickpeas for protein, and a generous crumble of goat cheese—any savory chèvre like Mediterranean or Garlic & Herb will do. Seal the jar tightly and pack your go-to vinaigrette on the side for a flavorful and satisfying lunch that can be enjoyed anywhere, whether you're at your desk or a picnic in the park. (Weather permitting, we suggest dining al fresco.) If you are able to pause and plate your pick, we suggest checking out one of these scrumptious salads.

goat cheese avocado sandwich

Another marvelously mobile option is a goat cheese and roasted veggie wrap. Fill a whole wheat tortilla with roasted vegetables such as bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini, then add a creamy spread of goat cheese. Roll it up tightly and wrap it in parchment paper or foil for easy travel. This wholesome and flavorful wrap provides a satisfying balance of textures and flavors, making it the perfect lunchtime companion for busy days when you're on the move.

Goat Cheese for Snacking: Any-Time-of-Day Hooray

Upping your snacking game with goat cheese opens up a world of powerful possibilities, especially for those seeking high-protein options to fuel their day. One simple yet satisfying snack pairs goat cheese with fresh fruit such as sliced apples or pears. The creamy tanginess of the goat cheese perfectly complements the sweetness of the fruit, creating a flavor combination that's both refreshing and indulgent. For an added protein boost, sprinkle some chopped nuts or seeds on top of the goat cheese for a crunchy texture and an extra dose of nutrients. Craving a bit more sweet and/or heat? Add a drizzle of (hot) honey for a blissful kiss or opt for Chili Lime chèvre to take your noshing to a whole new level.

goat cheese snack container

Need more ways to nibble? Elevate your snacking experience with goat cheese by incorporating it into savory, protein-packed bites. Try stuffing cherry tomatoes with goat cheese and fresh herbs for a bite-sized snack that's bursting with flavor. Alternatively, spread goat cheese onto homemade cheddar goat cheese crackers or cucumber slices and top with smoked salmon or prosciutto for a protein-rich snack that's as simple as it is satiating. These high-protein snack options not only provide a tasty pick-me-up between meals but also help keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

Goat Cheese for Dinner: Sophistication is Served

Anytime you need an answer to the age-old question, ‘what’s for dinner?’ the answer is: add goat cheese—and voila—menu-planning magic. Dialing your dinner menu up with goat cheese introduces a world of rich, creamy flavors that can transform an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one. Effortless can be elegant when you swap traditional cow’s milk for the goat cheese equivalent in your go-to pasta recipes —or better yet, amp up the cheesy goodness by melting in soft, savory chèvre like Truffle in addition to the called-for cheese(s). More cheese, please! Did you know you can also opt for LaClare’s Original goat cheese in place of ricotta in your family’s secret lasagna recipe? Absolutely.

three cheese lasagna soup with goat cheese

Another tip? Skip the delivery—pizza delivery, that is. No matter what the craving, LaClare has goat cheese pizza recipes aplenty to satisfy it. We also adore the idea of a vibrant Mediterranean-inspired masterpiece with either a tomato sauce or pesto base, layers of sliced cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, and crumbled goat cheese (Mediterranean, Garlic & Herb, Original—we vote all three). Sprinkle with fresh herbs like oregano and basil, then bake until the crust is crispy, and the cheese is bubbly. Finish with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt for a burst of flavor. This goat cheese pizza offers a tour of tangy, salty, and savory notes that will transport your taste buds straight to the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean.

Level Up with LaClare

Hungry to get started? You can shop LaClare’s collection of goat cheeses at a store near you and via Instacart too. Sweet and savory varieties of chèvre along with our curated recipes make it easy and enjoyable to elevate your everyday. Simple yet creative swaps let you effortlessly indulge in next-level flavor wherever your day takes you. With so many ways to make goat cheese the centerpiece of all your culinary adventures, Why Eat Average?

Craving more? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest where we continually share inspiration for making every meal memorable, our go-to goat cheese recipes, and other ideas for making every day gourmet. Plus, check out The Cheese Board blog, for all the distinctly delicious goat cheese news that’s fit to serve.


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